Curious about essential oils? Let me help you get started.


Hello, my name is Anna Dickey. 

This year I finally bit the bullet and signed up to be a part of Young Living Essential Oils. I never really knew much about them nor did I care to learn. I used lavender every once in awhile but thanks to an incident while pregnant I came to the conclusion they are worth all the hype.

In the third trimester of my pregnancy I thought it was a good idea to stand on a chair to do some artwork on the wall. It wasn't a good idea and I ended up falling off the chair onto my knee causing a slight fracture to my fibula. Not my finest moment. What made matters worse was that I couldn't take anything for the pain. That's when my best friend and essential oils guru, Brittany, gave me Copaiba and PanAway® oils to help with the pain and to stimulate the healing process. To my surprise it worked! They helped with the throbbing pain and with the ugly bruise. I was even able to walk down the aisle in my friends wedding without my crutches, which I didn't think would be possible. After that I started learning more about the benefits of essential oils and how they can improve everyday life.

Another big AH-HA moment took place after Logan was born. I was cleaning my house when I realized that my hands reeked of bleach and chemicals. I washed them as best as I could but they still stunk of cleaner. I didn't want to touch my baby with my hands like that. That's when I decided I wanted to switch to a chemical-free household. Thanks to the Thieves line from Young Living I am slowly making the switch to a chemical free household.

The seedlings line and KidScents line are absolute favorites. Logan has eczema (like his mama) and the seedlings line helps keep it under control plus it smells amazing! I use the baby oil every night after bathtime to help set the mood for a good night sleep. I also love diffusing the KidScents oils in his nursery.

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