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How to keep your nursery smelling fresh

Diaper piles are designed to keep the nursery smelling fresh and odor free, right? Wrong. They mostly just mask the smell and help to keep it under control. After awhile they can get pretty dang stinky! The diaper pile I have has a spot for baking soda to cut down on the smell. The problem is they are expensive and only smell for about a week or so before loosing their scent and need to be replaced.

That's were essential oils come into play. Every week I add one or two drops of lavender and purification to the Arm and Hammer nursery freshener. Not only does it help mask the poopy diaper smell, but it keeps the cost of replacing them to a minimum.

Now Logan's nursery smells less like a dirty diaper and more like a lavender field. I also love diffusing oils in his nursery but that is for another post!

Hope this mom hack helps you too!

Let me know if you have any tips to cut back on smells for your home.