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Flying with little ones

Flying with a baby might sound like a nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. We recently took a trip to Florida with our 8 month old son. This was the second time we have flown with him and each time has been easier than I thought it would be. I have lived under the impression that flying with a baby would be difficult. I was wrong. It is only difficult if you make it difficult. Here are a few tip that have made traveling with a baby easier for me.

1. Oil up. Of course my first tip is to make sure you have your favorite essential oils on hand. Stress away, Tranquil and Valor rollers are my go to for flying. They are easy to use and help create a calm environment for kiddos. Plus it helps if you are relaxed as well. Babies feed off of your emotions so if you are stressed out then chances are your baby will be too.

2. Dress for success. This is for both baby and mom. Wear something that is comfortable. You'll be holding your baby the whole flight so you want to wearing something that will be good for the both of you. If you are nursing I recommend a top that will cover you both well. For baby I found that zippered PJ's are the way to go. Airplanes tend to be on the cooler side so PJ's help to keep the baby nice a warm. I also love how easy the zippered ones are for quick changes in airport bathrooms. (Don't forget to pack an extra outfit for backup and to put on once you reach your final destination.)

3. Be prepared to sanitize. Make sure you bring your thieves hand purification and wipes. Airports are crawling with germs so I like to sanitize everything I can to make sure we stay germ free. When we sit down on the plane I give everything (tray tables, seats, armrests, windows, EVERYTHING) a good wipe down with my thieves wipes. You can never been too careful in my opinion.

4. BYOB. Bring your own bottles, whether you are nursing or formula feeding make sure you have enough food to keep your little one satisfied. TSA allows you to bring breast milk or premixed formula through security, you can go to TSA.gov/travel/special-procedures/traveling-children for all the details. I like to make sure I have milk ready to go for when we take off and land. The sucking motion helps with the ear popping from the pressure change.

5. Know your equipment. My last tip is to make sure you know how your stroller, car seat and anything else you are bringing works. When we travel we like to check the car seat and car seat base with our luggage. Most airlines won't charge you for this. We bring the stroller through the airport and check it at the gate. If you are doing this you'll need to get a tag for it at the gate. When you get there go to the counter and tell them you have a stroller to check. (You will pick the stroller up when you get off the plane, it will not be check to your final destination. ) Knowing how to break it down and put it back together is so helpful. Trust me, it will eliminate frustration and make for a smooth trip. * I also recommend investing in TSA approved stroller and car seat bags. I got ours from target but you can get them on amazon too. They keep your stuff clean and make it less likely to get damaged.

I hope these tips help make traveling with your little ones easier. Let me know what your traveling tips are!